Forum Title: Do you take less pay for a kind customer?
Like by this I mean, will you do extra and not charge if the person is kind? I feel like this is something we do on a regular basis and while I am not mad, it still cuts into the pay a bit.
Category: Roofing Post By: WILLIAM zJONES (Fort Wayne, IN), 01/18/2018

We do that here for family/friends of the crew but that is it. If you do it for one person, you end up like you guys and doing it for everyone.

- CYNTHIA S (Wichita, KS), 03/14/2018

free stuff is the first thing they complain about. Keep it to the scope of work.

- JULIAN CROSS (Duluth, MN), 03/28/2018

Generally no we don‚t. We‚ve got costs to cover and paychecks to cut. That‚s why we don‚t and never will. With that said, we do give some people discounts. Friends, family, or someone in a genuine bad spot may get a break. It‚s a case by case basis, but nothing we do across the board.

- ANTHONY LEE (Edinburg, TX), 05/09/2018

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