Forum Title: Have you ever requested to be put on another job?
This man, Larry, that I work with does this quite a lot. He is older, so no one really cares but I asked to be put on a smaller job so I can get home sooner last week to help my wife and I got denied.
Category: Roofing Post By: GREGORY GREEN (San Bernardino, CA), 02/18/2018

Have you considered bringing this up with your boss? I mean this is unfair treatment regardless of age. This is not aloud in the workplace.

- Will Samson (Raleigh, NC), 03/20/2018

Us older guys deserve special treatment. I‚ve been doing this since before a lot of you were born. Don‚t act all bent out of shape because I need to leave early for a prostate exam. It‚s a little thing called life!

- VIOLA ZIMMERMAN (Greeley, CO), 03/24/2018

Does this Larry have special medical needs? I mean, to help your wife with what? I can bet if it had to do with children or health related issues, you would have got the bump but if not, why would you?

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Albany, GA), 05/16/2018

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