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I remember Tim talking about an indoor range, & thought the idea was really cool. I Don't have the indoor capability but, have some land. Plenty of places to safely shoot anything from handguns to long guns. However, most of the best places were in areas I didn't want to have to go to. Hell, I hunt some of those areas as well. So? I decided to put a range where it was convenient, easily accessible, & safe. Here's what I came up with. It's a short walk, in a cool spot, & has a safe lane. The railroad ties, I was able to get cheap. A lot of the ties have been replaced on the tracks nearby, & ties could be had, cheap. I wanted something that had a more serious ?feel? to it, than just nail a target on a tree, or even against some ties. I have a similar design I use for archery practice, & really liked the feel/look of this setup. The ?box? behind the railroad ties is full of dirt/sand. At the very top of it, I put a couple inches of top soil, & grass seed. I plan on putting a waterproof box attached to the back to hold, targets, stickers, markers, etc.. I've thought about putting some lighting in the target stand but, reality is? I Don't shoot at night. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Very functional, looks good, & wasn?t terribly expensive. Although, I will admit, it was a little labor intensive putting it all together. Mainly the ties/backstop. Building the target stand was the easy part. Did that in a few hours once the posts were set. From the edge of the shooting table, it is exactly 50yds to the targets. What you Don't see in these pics?. I put a pistol table a few yards back, off to the side of the lane. Also added some benches for seating. It was a big hit this summer when I had some family visiting. I've had a couple first time shooters seated. They really had a good time. Anybody else build something like this???
Category: Roofing Post By: NATALIE PARKS (Methuen, MA), 02/20/2018

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