Forum Title: Longest job?
We have been doing the same house now for 3 months. What keeps happening is they have to reschedule on us for some odd reasons, and they keep wanting things changed. Money isn't an issue with them I guess but it is annoying.
Category: Roofing Post By: ALICIA MCCOY (Pasadena, TX), 01/03/2018

I am not sure what you mean?? Like the longest you had to work for the same person for ONE job?

- NATHAN SILVA (Woonsocket, RI), 03/06/2018

I think he means what you said. For me, 3 weeks. I can't see having to go back over and over again on the same job. It takes up time from other work, specially if they keep canceling on you.

- IVAN LUNA (Wichita Falls, TX), 03/23/2018

I once did a job that I kid you not, dragged out 7 months! The problem was the insurance company. They didn't pay in full so we kept having to stop. I felt bad for the family because they had to stay at a friends and spent many weeks in and our hotels.

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Sugar Land, TX), 04/13/2018

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