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Plan around the weather by use a satellite weather monitoring system to forecasts in real-time. This will eliminate guesswork and help to avoid delays. Have all your materials on site. Make sure that special orders will arrive when your ready to start. Have a designated foreman. They will direct and supervise the entire project, plan work a few days ahead, make sure installation is done right, secure materials, equipment, manpower, and subcontractors to keep the project moving. Make use of scheduling software. Every project should have a plan and schedule determined before work begins. Break it down into manageable phases with completion targets identified. The schedule should be updated daily and distributed to all workers involved. This makes it easier to meet deadlines. Have a dedicated delivery vehicle and driver to prevent unforeseen shortages, breakdowns, or to replace broken tools. You want the foreman and contractors to be on the roof working and not dealing with equipment or material errors.
Category: Roofing Post By: RAYMOND SCOTT (Pittsburgh, PA), 01/30/2018

People often forget that time is money. No one would waste money. But, they have no problems wasting time. Being organized is a must.

- MARK P (Jacksonville, FL), 03/20/2018

From my limited roofing experience I can tell you that leadership comes from the top down. You can tell how a crew is going to act by their boss. I‚ve seen this with several different crews. No scheduling in the world can compensation for a boss with poor leadership skills.

- LESLIE HOWELL (Sioux City, IA), 04/07/2018

Very good post, a lot of good information in there. You would think most of it would be common sense, but I've worked for some companies that are so disorganized it's hard to believe they get any business let alone finish it.

- REBECCA WRIGHT (Baytown, TX), 05/20/2018

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